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I am a music education researcher and teacher whose interests include both traditional music making like band and choir as well as non-traditional music making practices like rock bands, mediated music, and participatory music practices that are often seen in informal music learning and participatory culture.


My research explores how people are using YouTube to consume, create, and share music as well as develop online communities and virtual identitities. I am particularly interested in creating vlogs and online musical performance videos and how that can be incorporated into the classroom.


Exmples of Teaching

Video examples of my teaching on the Internet and the classroom.



Examples of Students' Work

Here you can see my past students' works and find other resources.




I have a number of YouTube channels where I perform, teach, talk, and experiment with digital videos. So if you want to see my ideas, music videos, or ranting in virtual video form, explore my three YouTube channels. Please don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment on them. It helps to make my videos more visible on YouTube.

Recent News

Music Making on YouTube

My book chapter, Music Making on YouTube, is published in the Oxford Handbook for Music Making and Leisure. It was wonderful working with editors Roger Mantie and Gareth D. Smith as well as the peer reviewers. Grab it on Amazon!

Travel Schedule for the 16-17 Year

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

B1G Academic Alliance (Maryland)

New Directions (Xiamen China)

Indian Music Ed Assoc (Ft. Wayne)

New Directions (Michigan)

University of Bergen (Norway)

Research in Music Ed (Bath, UK)

Visiting Scholar (Canterbury, UK)

Institute of Ed (London, UK)

Int Community Mus (Waterloo, CN)

Qualitative Inq (Champaign, IL)

New Directions in Xaimen, China

In August, I will started the next chapter of my life when I moved to West Lafayette, IN. to begin a job at an assistant professor of music education at Purdue University. I'm so happy to be able to be at my third B1G university.

November 2-5, 2016 is the New Directions in Music Performance and Music Teacher Education in Xaimen, China. This Symposium sponsored by Teachers College, Columbia (New York) and Xaimen University brings together 50 of the leading music education scholars to discuss the movement of music education in China and the world. I will be presenting Virtual Music Making and Music Education: Considering a Cultural Outlook on Media.

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